Volunteering Reimagined

Equipping volunteers for classroom success is arguably the most difficult part of children's ministry. When I began directing children's ministries a helpful friend pointed out that I had effectively transitioned from the role of teacher to principal. With our monthly rotation system, this meant I needed to fill 200+ volunteer hours each month, and make sure over 60 volunteers each week were ready to show up with a lesson prepared!


When I could assure leaders that they only needed to devote 20-minutes to preparation and didn't need to bring any supplies, recruitment got a bit easier. When I started including the "why" of each step of teaching and a few variations to account for preferred teaching styles, many teachers said they became more confident in their leadership abilities.


In a classroom with a strong curriculum and effective rhythm, leading can be both low-stress and highly effective. This curriculum is designed to let the worship space and the lesson structure lead the expectations of the children and in turn serve as the consistent guides of the learning and worship experience. The leaders become facilitators, and the act of guiding children becomes a source of spiritual formation. A rotation of volunteer leaders no longer feels like a weakness, but an opportunity to allow children to worship alongside a variety of adults in their church family!  

© 2018 by Robin Turner