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Order a Custom Curriculum

Order a custom curriculum series designed to fit your context- topic, congregation size, age range, and any other particular needs. Each custom curriculum incorporates wonder-based, collaborative approaches that engage children in exploring Scripture, builds biblical literacy by tapping into natural curiosity, utilizes solid exegetical techniques, and respects the mental, emotional, and physical developmental needs of children. 

  • 4-12 weeks, starting at $70. 

  • Re-useable year after year

  • Screen-free approach keeps learning, worship, and relationships at the center

  • Digital Delivery

Order Curriculum

Weekly Sequence

Each week, lessons follow the same general sequence. A predictable rhythm helps children and leaders fully engage in learning and worship without wondering "What comes next?". 

Connect your heart and mind: Why will this lesson matter?
What is God's heart for the child knowing this story?

Explore the text together. Every lesson comes straight from Scripture. We explore through art, drama, sound, manipulatives, and more!

Ask questions about the text together. Modeling question-asking helps children learn how to ask their own questions of Scripture and God.  

Talk with God. Giving children time, space, and encouragement to talk with God about what they are learning encourages personal spiritual engagement. 

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