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Introducing Children to 3 Actions of Lent

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Lent is a season of action and activity deep within our hearts. While Christmas and Easter often have lots of outward activity, most of Lent is happening beneath the surface. Children often have deep awareness of ways that they want to grow and learn, with active spiritual lives. Invite them into this season of Lent with the following explanations and action steps:

Turn Around: During Lent, people choose to turn away from something that is sinful. Maybe you argue about seats in the car, complain about doing your chores, or have a bad attitude about going to bed. Lent is a time when you say, “I want to be a person who obeys the Lord! For the next 6 weeks I’m going to ask Jesus to help me not to ____,  and I’m going to ask my family to help me remember!”.

Is there something in your life that you want to turn around from?

Lay it Down: Some people choose to lay aside something that makes them happy or comfortable so they remember that God makes us the happiest. This is called fasting. People give up special treats like candy, television, video games, or a favorite toy. Every time they think, “oh, I wish I could watch tv right now!”, or “I’m hungry for something sweet!” they remember that those things are nice, but the gift of Jesus is even better. While you miss your special treat, you’re pointed toward remembering Jesus.

Is there something that you would like to take a break from to remember God more?

Pick Up: Now that you have extra room from turning from sin and laying down something you love, there’s space to start a new habit to help you Love God and Love Others more. Think about something you want to grow in: encouragement, service, knowledge of the Bible, sharing, gratitude. Then, think of a way that you can practice this for the next 6 weeks. You could encourage others by sending a homemade card in the mail each week or writing surprise, “I love you!” notes to your family members. You could make a big “Things I Thank God for” poster and add something new each day. You could memorize a few Bible verses or listen to Scripture music on the way to school everyday.

How would you like to worship and focus on Jesus this Lent?

(originally published March 2014)


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