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Tabernacle Curriculum Download


Last fall, the 3rd-6th grade kids at Restoration built a model Tabernacle, and I wrote a little 8-week lesson booklet to guide our Tabernacle-building experience together.

Tips to keep in mind:

  1. Each lesson lasts about 30 minutes.

  2. Order a Tabernacle kit from here.

  3. … and a poster from here.

  4. Cover the painting area with a $1 plastic tablecloth to protect from paint.

  5. You’ll also need to stock up on some paint, inexpensive brushes, and shallow palettes (plates, disposable coffee lids, or shallow bowls all work well!).

  6. Pace yourself with the painting! We had a few weeks where we didn’t get that far, and a few weeks where we painted extra to catch-up. We painted every single plastic and rubber item- fence posts, walls, etc. We also had a “touch-up crew” some weeks!

  7. Consider spray-painting the base with sand spray paint… but take care to not get it in all the little holes! Or plan to watch a really good movie while you chisel each hole back open with a screwdriver.

  8. You might need a 9th week for assembling the project and a 10th week for creating a way to present the project to your congregation.

  9. Consider how to creatively share your finished project with your congregation! We made “plaques” explaining the parts of the Tabernacle and their relationship with our worship today. We plan to display our work in the church lobby soon!


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