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What is the Church Toolkit? 

Coming Fall 2019

The church toolkit is a 9-Module curriculum for churches desiring to reassess their vision for children's faith formation. It equips churches to examine the biblical and theological foundations for children's place in the Kingdom of God, provides a framework for evaluating ministry decisions, helps congregations consider opportunities for intergenerational ministry, and guides leaders in assessing the needs and desires of the congregation in order to lead church-wide change. 

The curriculum is designed for a triad of leaders- one pastoral leader, one children's ministries leader, and one lay leader- who will work together to discern and lead change over 9-12 months. 

Interested in learning more? See the "9-Module Overview"to the right.


Interested in piloting the curriculum with your congregation? Reach out on the "Contact" page above! 

Recommended Readings

9-Module Overview

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